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Millie/Draco, Predators of the Night, R - Harry Potter Het Recs
Millie/Draco, Predators of the Night, R
Title/Link: Predators of the Night

Author: Aleathiel

Rating: R.

Pairing: Millie/Draco.

Warnings: Heavy angst. Millie/Draco shippers may not like this one.

Summary: During the party after Draco's initiation Millicent stays on the outside, watching the guests. But her foray into the Malfoys' garden reveals unexpected truths, about herself and about the people she has walked away from.

WIP/Complete: Complete.

jennie_wls Says: I love a good angst fic, but this is almost too much. Hay, I said almost. ^_^ There's no happy ending here folks.

I Feel: sick sick

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